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Charlotte Clark

Energy Therapist

Charlotte is a trained energy and reiki therapist, who is currently completing a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Acupuncture. She has previously completed a BSc (Zoology), and has assisted at acupuncture clinics, and run her own energy therapy and reiki clinic in Brisbane, Australia. She uses her Chinese Medicine, reiki, and energy therapy training and experience in combination with a solid foundation in the biomechanics and physical systems of the body to gently and easily encourage the affected systems and areas within the body to open up. This allows the flow of energy (qi/ki/prana), blood, and bodily fluids to circulate effectively and freely throughout the body, allowing the body to tap into it’s own self-healing mechanisms.

Charlotte has experience working with addictions, mental health conditions, emotional and physical trauma, pain and fatigue conditions such as fibro myalgia, meningitis, and chronic fatigue, insomnia, and musculoskeletal conditions. She also works with those seeking to expand their awareness of themselves and the world around them, through exploration and opening of the mind and soul. Through these openings, a more flowing, full, peaceful and creative life is achieved, as well as a greater connection and gratitude towards yourself and all things around you.