Fiona Bizos

Nia teacher

Fiona attended her first Nia class in 2010.  At the time she was struggling with depression and the challenges of motherhood with two small children. Nia gave her much needed exercise to help her keep up with her new lifestyle, as well as the space to let go, heal and regenerate.  She enjoyed Nia because of the way in which the different modalities work different parts of your body: the strength in the martial arts, the expression in the dance arts and healing from the Yoga and Feldenkruis.  Nia also stimulated her to be more in touch with her body creating optimal health.

She took her White Belt in 2011 just before her 40th birthday and began her teaching journey.  She has moved up the Nia training system also doing 5 Stages and Move I.T. training.

Our bodies love to move and our spirits love to be moved, so we invite you to join Fiona and allow your body, mind and spirit to experience the Joy of Movement.


Trainings & Qualifications

2011 Nia Technique White Belt

2013 Nia Move I.T.

2014 Nia 5 Stages

2015 Nia Technique Green Belt

2015 Nia Technique Blue Belt

2017 Nia Technique Brown Belt