Pause for a Cause is an independent, non-profit organisation registered in Hong Kong. Our primary operation is to teach classes of yoga, movement, breath and mindfulness techniques to those who would otherwise lack the opportunity or confidence to try. 


Inclusiveness is at the core of our programme. Our goal is to break down the barrier that wellness is only accessible to the fit and affluent. By teaching regular classes to vulnerable members of our society, we help to improve the participants’ physical and mental wellbeing, and empower them to value themselves.

Community is one of our major goals. We recognise that a fast-paced metropolis such as Hong Kong can leave some members of our society feeling isolated. By running regular sessions, we can build communities that support each other in the long term. 

Service is at the heart of our approach. By collaborating with charities, we are of service to those members of society who participate in our programme. 


We are humbled to be working with several charity organisations across Hong Kong:

Impact HK We currently support the tireless efforts of Impact HK to improve the lives of the homeless.

Pok Oi Hospital Chan Shi Sau Memorial Social Service Centre We are proud to be servicing a dedicated group of over 60s yogis from our own neighbourhood of South Lantau.

Hong Kong Society for the Protection of Children We run weekly classes for a charity that supports children of single parent, low-income, new arrival and ethnic minority families.

RainLily We created a 2019 calendar to raise funds for RainLily, Hong Kong’s first sexual violence crisis centre that provides on-site counselling, medical and therapy support, plus ongoing treatment and education to victim-survivors of sexual violence. Each calendar contains an array of beautiful scenes, taken by a local photographer, from our neighbourhood of Mui Wo, where we continuously pause to appreciate our exceptional existence.


Pause for a Cause would like to express our deepest thanks to our sponsors, collaborators and teachers. Your donations, opportunities and time have made it possible for us to serve the people of Hong Kong.

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As we currently provide classes free of charge, we appreciate any donation to help us further our cause. All funds will be used for services and equipment necessary to carry out our programme.


If you are an organisation interested in starting classes of yoga, movement, breath and mindfulness techniques, or if you would like to make a donation, or to find out more about our mission, activities or teaching opportunities, please email Caroline at