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Hips & Hamstrings Workshop
with Alex Ottignon

Release tightness and improve range of motion through yoga

Saturday 22 September 2018
3:30-5:30pm at PAUSE Mui Wo

Tight hamstrings and hips are very limiting for everyday flexibility and in the long-term can contribute to lower back pain. This 2-hour workshop is designed to strengthen and release all those muscles that are strained, pushed and tightened as you run, hike, cycle, workout or even sit for long periods of time.

Join Alex as she guides you through different aspects of hip movement as well as exploring effective hamstring stretches. The aim of this workshop is to improve your range of motion and help you move your body with greater ease and fluidity. This is a practical and physical workshop with lots of time for questions and discussion. 

No previous yoga experience is required. You don't need to be able to touch your toes to come to this workshop! In fact, if you can't touch your toes this is definitely for you.


This workshop is especially great for:

  • Anyone with tight hamstrings and hips

  • People that sit at a desks most of the day

  • Athletes, Cyclists, Runners & Hikers

  • Beginners & first-timers to yoga are always welcome


What to expect:

  • Starting with a flowing set of yoga poses to warm-up

  • A dynamic sequence of hip openers and poses to lengthen the hamstrings with time breaking down and exploring.

  • A slower-paced series of more static stretches, mostly sitting or lying on the floor, that will work deeper into muscles and connective tissues (fascia)

  • At the end you will receive printed worksheet to take home "Everyday Essentials for healthy Hips & Hamstrings"

  • Yoga mats and props are provided


$250 per session

Subject to 3% payment fee for online payments.

Please note that the number of places available per session is limited and securing a place is on a first-come-first-serve basis. Although we do welcome walk-ins, priority is given to those who book in advance, so we advise to book in advance to avoid disappointment.


Pause Health & Wellness
G/F, 8 Ngan Kwong Wan Road, Mui Wo, Lantau Island, Hong Kong


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About the Teacher:
Alex Ottignon first discovered the benefits of Yoga during a prolonged recovery period after knee surgery. Not only did she regain full mobility through Yoga, she realised the importance of a regular movement and meditation practice that promotes balance and harmony for both mind and body. Trips to Bali and Sri Lanka to explore different yoga styles inspired Alex to take a leap and start training as a Yoga Teacher.

Alex teaches beginner classes in dynamic styles such as Ashtanga Yoga, as well as gentle practices in Yin Yoga, Restorative Yoga and meditation techniques such as Yoga Nidra. Her teaching style focuses on alignment and mindful breathing. Truly believing that Yoga is for everyone, she provides variations on postures to suit different people whatever age or ability.

Her goal in teaching is for her students to understand the benefits of taking regular pauses and creating space out of their busy routines for self-care, restoration and healing. Alex believes that yoga is a lifelong practice and she hopes to remain a Yogi well in to her old age! By honouring and listening to your body, Yoga will take care of you throughout your life.