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Justin Andries

Intuitive Life coach

Justin is an intuitive, a life coach and a performance coach. His specialty is to quickly assess what is asking to be perfected, enhanced or altered, in life and in business, in order to allow the natural flow of potential and growth to be unleashed far faster and more organically. 

All of Justin's programs are focused on getting to the authentic core identity of the person, company and/or project. Once this core identity has been cleared of obstacles and fully grounded, it is free to be expressed and evolved.

Originally hailing from South Africa, Justin has spent the past 6 years living in Asia, Australia and North America, observing patterns within cultures and belief system structures, and studying their profound effects on people and their relationships. Within this context, and taking a highly practical and hands-on approach to expansion and transformation, he has found not only his true passion but also a new way of living, stepping beyond what is believed to be the norm and creating the extraordinary in life. Justin is a living stand for our being all that we are.