Molly Grenham

Breastfeeding Expert

Molly Grenham brings pragmatism and professionalism to the pregnancy and birth space.  She is known for evidence-based information matched with a strong focus on crafting a personal and empowering experience of pregnancy and birth. 

She is committed to educating new parents on best practices for child birth and early parenthood so they feel confident, empowered, and supported in their chosen approaches during this time of transformation.  Her warm engagement and energetic teaching style illuminate hidden aspects of birth for her clients.

Molly believes that all women should have the opportunity to be attended by a calm, experienced champion.  Whether this is a partner, mother, friend, midwife, doctor or doula, it has been shown that continuous support during labor and birth produces better birth outcomes and higher satisfaction for mothers.

Through years of volunteering breastfeeding support through La Leche League, and hosting NEST 4 Mums, she established herself as a champion of postnatal maternal guidance.