Osteopathy is a manual, healing therapy that diagnoses and cures mechanical and functional problems of the human body. For Osteopaths the body’s well-being depends on the correct functioning of its different interconnected systems (joints, muscles, visceral structures, nerves, vessels). When one system doesn’t work well, it can affect the function of others and cause compensation, pain, loss of range of motion and /or asymmetry. To cure, osteopaths use lots of manual techniques which act on different structures of the body. Techniques used vary in function of the patient and his problem, but always with the aim of liberating and rebalancing the origin of the problem. Each session lasts approximately 45mins. At the beginning the osteopath will ask the patient about the motive for the consultation, also about his/her global health and medical history. The body will be examined from head to toe, and the origin of the problem will be treated. Advice may be given on any health concerns. After the treatment, the body may react and equilibrate itself. That’s why the patient needs rest during several days after the consultation. Depending on the problem, the patient has to come back one or more times to be cured. Osteopathy can act in prevention too. Don’t wait to be in pain to be cured. Even without problems, it’s advisable to make 1 or 2 check- up per year.

45 mins - $1,200

Practitioner: FLEUR DE CLARENS