At PAUSE, we’re dedicated to spreading the health and wellness benefits of slowing down and focusing on the whole you – mind, body and soul. We believe in taking regular pauses from hectic schedules to reconnect with ourselves, restore balance and improve vitality. So we offer a wide variety of holistic treatments and movement practices to encourage healthy lifestyles in a welcoming setting.

Pausing to take a time-out for yourself is becoming increasingly important. We spend a large portion of our days staring at digital screens, constantly responding to digital stimuli and our society’s pressures. We hold to our endless to-do lists, pray at the alter of our emails and allow ourselves to be always reachable and connected. We over-caffeinate, overstimulate and under-sleep; hardly stopping for a breath or a moment of reflection. Numerous studies show that all this can lead to a number of physical and emotional issues: burn out, insomnia, anxiety, depression, hair loss, weight gain, acne, digestive problems - the list goes on and on.

The team at PAUSE encourage quiet moments to step away from it all. We aim to provide high-quality natural health solutions and create a space that allows you to restore, nourish and ground yourself in what makes you happy and healthy.

So escape the daily grind and take a pause with us.