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Yvette Lim


I provide safe, confidential and empathetic counselling therapy to support children, teens and young adults seeking personal growth and practical skills to enhance their emotional and mental well-being, including their relationships with self and others. 

I use a variety of techniques and choose those best-suited to my client's needs:

  • CBT focused techniques
  • Person-centred approach
  • Therapeutic story-telling
  • Play therapy

Relevant experience: 

  • Masters in Counselling (M.Coun - Monash University)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education (BA(Ed) Hons - Nanyang Technological University)
  • 6 years as a primary school teacher (in Singapore and HK) teaching and nurturing children 
  • 7-12yo (mainstream, gifted and SEN)
  • 2 years as affective educator teaching socio-emotional skills to gifted and twice-exceptional children (10-12yo)
  • 1 year internship experience with various non-profits to support children, teens and adults with the following issues: depressive symptoms, anxiety, low confidence, stress related problems, feelings/behaviours associated with separation, loss, relocation or other significant life changes, various SEN needs.