Yoga for kids 3-5 years old



  • Meet new friends

  • A safe space for sharing and acknowledging new friends - early relationship skills

  • Self-expression

  • Social skill development

  • Motor skills - fine and gross as we look at the human body and how we move using all the muscles, big and small

  • Movement techniques for establishing a stronger nervous and immunity system


  • Laughter and fun, movement and stillness - yoga poses and their benefits through stories, song & rhymes

  • Calming through music, sound vibrations and scents using essential oils and meditation, coloring

  • Learning a yoga lifestyle philosophy and foundation

Pick a time that suits your schedule:


July 2019

Saturday 10.30-11.15am: $100 first time trial | $120 x 4 classes | $150 drop in

Starting July 6th 2019