Private Classes

Yoga • Pilates • Dance • Meditation

Private classes are great for a number of reasons.

It allows beginners who feel overwhelmed or intimidated in typical group class settings to gain that initial experience with a teacher who can provide that one-to-one attention.

It also allows people with experience to focus on a personal goal they might have, such as flexibility, coordination, core strength or meditation, to name a few.

Injuries and health concerns can make a normal group classes impractical for some participants. A private session will take in to account any conditions, the teacher will design the class to work around the concern to avoid complications or work towards healing and rehabilitation.

We offer private classes for individuals and groups either at our studio, in your home or within a corporate setting. Our teachers will tailor classes to your requirements, weather you're looking to improve strength, flexibility and vitality, or looking for relaxation and rejuvenation to restore inner harmony. We will work closely with you to create a customised approach just for you.

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