Aromatherapy, one of the herbal remedies, gives a holistic approach of bringing back body-mind-soul to its balance state. Each essential oil has its unique composition and undergoes chemical reactions with our whole being. It can achieve the therapeutic effect in pharmacology, physiology, and psychology, and maintain and improve our health, by massage, inhalation, bath, etc.

Aromatherapy Massage
Full Body: 70 mins - $880
Shoulder, neck and head: 30 mins - $480
Excellent for general health maintenance and boost up the immune function, balance the endocrine system, deep relaxation and balance the body and mind.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
90 mins - $1180
45 mins - $650
Strengthen the immune system and help with oedema caused by poor circulation, other diseases or after operation.

Deep Tissue Massage
Full Body: 60 mins - $880
Half-body: 30 mins - $480
Firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia, beneficial for chronic ache and pain and relieve the tension after sport.

Practitioner: SABINE LAU