Originally developed in the 195'0’s by Australian Tom Bowen, Bowen Therapy is a holistic, subtle and non-invasive therapy in which the therapist makes gentle rolling movements over muscles, ligaments, and tendons at precise points. This then sends nerve impulses which trigger the body’s own healing systems and balance the body’s energy. Bowen is suitable for all ages including babies and the very elderly.

With many successful clinical cases, Bowen is effective for a range of different physical discomforts and injuries, such as frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, RSI, scoliosis, back pain, pelvis imbalance, buttock pain, sciatica, asthma, hay fever, migraine, ankle problem, infertility, etc. Generally, the condition will improve after receiving 3 treatments, complying with rules and healthy lifestyle of the client. The best interval between each treatment is 5-10 days, and once a Bowen program has been started no other treatments or massage should be received in order for the body to achieve maximum benefit from the Bowen Therapy.

 Each session is around 45-60 mins. Consultation and Posture assessment is included in the first session.

Individual session -$650

3 sessions -$1200 (valid within 30 days)

Free trial now available.