Class Guidelines


Booking a Class

  • You can use our online booking system to book in to Lantau or Central classes of your choice.

  • You can book in to class 2 weeks in advance and up to 30 mins before a class begins.

  • If a class you wish to attend is full, you can add yourself to the Waiting List to be notified of a spot that becomes free.


Purchasing a class or class pack

  • We offer a variety of Class Packs and Introductory Offers, please visit our Class Pricing page.

  • Class Packs and Introductory Offers are strictly non-transferable (with the exception of immediate family members) and valid for the duration of the period stated.


Cancelling A Class

  • In the event that you can't attend a class you are booked in to, please inform us in advance so we can give your spot to another student.

  • You may cancel your booking at anytime using our online booking system.

  • Early Cancellations up to 4 hours before the class starts means your class credit won't be deducted from your Class Pack.

  • Late Cancellations within 4 hours of when the class starts means a class credit will be deducted from your Class Pack.


Waiting lists

  • If a class you wish to attend is full, you can add yourself to the Waiting List to be notified of a spot that becomes free for that class.

  • When another student's booking is cancelled, our booking system will send you an email confirming your space.


Preparing for class

  • We provide mats, props and equipment.

  • You may want to bring your own drinking water and small towel.

  • Avoid eating a heavy meal within 2 hours of coming to class.

  • Be sure to keep yourself well hydrated before and after class.

  • Please inform the teacher of any injuries or illnesses before the class starts so they can provide you with modified options during the class.


Class Etiquette

  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class so that the class can start on time.

  • Show respect for your fellow students by not arriving late to class and disrupting their practice. The teacher reserves the right to refuse entry to the class if you arrive after the class has commenced.

  • If you do not show up for your reserved spot when the class starts, then it may be given to another student.

  • Please switch off all sounds on your mobile phone device, including the vibration alerts.

  • Remove your shoes before entering the studio.

  • No eating in the studio.