Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy (BDCST)

A gentle hands on, light touch therapy, of which encourages & supports the body's innate intelligence; restoring it toward it's original blueprint. BDCST originates from Osteopathy & assists a natural, unwinding healing journey. Any physiological & neurological patterning unbalancing the body, will be acknowledged & invited back toward balance & optimal health.

BDCST works therapeutically within physical, energetic, emotional & universal dimensions. It can support or heal: Back & neck pain, stress, anxiety & fatigue, Mental confusion & inability to focus.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is the Body's connective tissue web - integrating one part to the other. In this treatment, gliding strokes, both light & deep, shall be applied to follow the Body's Fascial patterning. Any hindering patterns shall be recognised & guided toward an unwinding & re-formational process. After which, posture & functional movement are improved; feeling lighter, more integrated & whole.

1st consultation 75 mins: 1200 HKD

2nd consultation 60 - 75 mins dependant on the treatment process: 1000 HKD

Practitioner: Lucy Kellett