Sports Massage & Pressure Point Therapy

A combination of Sports & Trigger Point therapy, blending Various thumbing, knuckling, stroking & forearm techniques.

Preceding a postural assessment, a diagnosis shall be offered to work on specific areas of the body, of which may be hindering the Sport enthusiast. A treatment to loosen tight connective tissue & delve deep into the musculature of the body. After receiving this massage, a lighter sense of ease in mobility & range of motion shall yield; stimulating the body’s ability to bounce back toward optimal performance condition. Several sessions are recommended to achieve successful benefits from the treatment.

Myofascial Release

Fascia is the Body's connective tissue web - integrating one part to the other. In this treatment, gliding strokes, both light & deep, shall be applied to follow the Body's Fascial patterning. Any hindering patterns shall be recognised & guided toward an unwinding & re-formational process. After which, posture & functional movement are improved; feeling lighter, more integrated & whole.

1st consultation 75 mins:1200 HKD

2nd consultation 60 mins: 1000 HKD

Practitioner: Lucy Kellett