Tarot is all about slowing down just like us here at PAUSE. Claire uses Tarot as a tool to help get clients out of their own way using visual cards and beautiful graphics with profound meanings. Tarot, as with Psychic Readings, can bring clarity to areas of life such as - love, money, health and family. Claire has been doing Tarot sessions professionally in Hong Kong and the U.S. for international clients since she was seventeen in the mid-eighties. Tarot allows the client to be detached from their issues and to be drawn in to the cards, allowing positive energies in, to have more conscious awareness of their choices. Claire suggests that if you have burning questions in mind, to write them down ahead of the session. These are for you as a method of clarity, not for Claire. For those who wish just to have a look and get insights about their future life are welcome to just show up.

30 mins - $700
Available as in-person or video call appointments.

Practitioners: CLAIRE GRAHAM