Suitable for beginners looking to explore the Ashtanga Yoga Method developed by the renowned Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in India. The practice involves a structured sequence of postures that link movement with the breath to develop focus, strength, flexibility and balance. Students will be guided through the Ashtanga Primary Series which is taught slowly and progressively, with the teacher providing alignment adjustments and options for different levels.



This class offers an introduction to Hatha Yoga, which aims to align our breath, physical body, mind and spiritual body. Students leave the class feeling more grounded, open and ready for the next uphill ahead mentally and physically. Poses are carefully explained and demonstrated with modifications provided to accommodate various body conditions. Opening poses that release tight muscles caused by running and hiking are also incorporated into the practice. Meditative background music is played to keep students focused and relaxed. This class is suitable for beginners and regular students, with no previous experience is required.



This practice uses breath and movement to stretch and strengthen the body, and to focus the mind. Participants are led through a series of igniting sun salutations before flowing through twisting, balancing, grounding and releasing postures. Each yogi is encouraged to find freedom and celebrate what is unique about his/her body, and classes are designed to be invigorating as well as restorative for the body and the mind.



A combination of Hatha, Transformational & Kundalini Yoga as taught by Sudevi Sundari. It encompasses all eight limbs of Hatha Yoga and weaves the influences of Kundalini and Transformational Yoga to provide a complete experience towards reaching Satcitananda (truth, consciousness, bliss). This class includes warm-ups for joint mobility, breath-work for vitality and postures for improving flexibility, strength and balance, interweaved with moments for focus and inner reflection. A gentle class for both beginners and regular students.



A class based on building strength and mobility in your body. From beginner to advanced, postures are tailored to the level of each individual with a focus on finding your edge. A great class for athletes, hikers, runners and those who complain they can’t touch their toes.

Prenatal Pregnancy Yoga (60 MINS)

Designed and paced to meet the needs of mothers-to-be. Pregnancy and motherhood can be demanding on the body, Prenatal Yoga is ideal for women looking to stay in shape whilst preparing their bodies for labour and birth. Expect postures that assist with connecting with the pelvic floor and strengthening key areas of the body to help with easier birth and the physical demands of motherhood. Breathing techniques and relaxation methods are also introduced to help the mind and body consciously relax in preparation of labour and providing an opportunity to connect with your unborn baby, as well as becoming part of a community of other mothers-to-be. No previous yoga experience required.


A gentle Yin Yoga class softened by calming candlelight. This practice moves slowly through series of passive poses that release the deep connective tissues in the body which have a tendency to stiffen over time. Students can expect to free up tightness in the hip joint, pelvis and lower back whilst finding deep relaxation and calmness.



A slow, gentle Yoga class to restore balance to body and mind. Ideal for beginners or those wanting to take a pause and connect inwards. Bolsters, blankets, belts and blocks are used to support the body bringing about gentle release, focusing particularly on the shoulders, hips and spine.


KIDS YOGA (45 - 60 MINS)

Children have a natural ability to live joyously in the present moment, this can be maintained through positive nurturing and guidance. By focusing their energy, children acquire helpful tools to regulate themselves. They can learn how to develop a sense of calm through breathwork, gain strength and flexibility in their bodies through asana poses and awareness of themselves and the world around them through meditation. This class integrates storytelling, games, music, the arts and much more into a curriculum that engages the whole child. The focus is to have FUN with yoga: let the children explore their true potential in a positive, creative environment.