Energy therapy incorporates different mechanisms of energy flow throughout the body, as discovered by many cultures, including the Chinese meridian system and ayurvedic chakra system, as well as psychosomatic and emotional-physical associations described by more modern science. It recognises that the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of a being are all connected, and must all be addressed for healing to occur. Blockages to energy flow can cause stagnation and illness to occur, sometimes on very deep levels. Reiki is a Japanese practice that taps into the divine energy of the universe to allow deep healing and nourishing to occur. This combination of energy therapy and reiki can reach deep levels of blockage and allow them to be released, while simultaneously nourishing parts of the body that have not been receiving enough energy and nutrition.

By opening up the flow of this energy using energetic awareness, gentle manipulation, and by asking permission of the soul to be assisted, deep trauma that has been held in the body can be released, and the body’s internal self-regulating and self-healing systems can be switched on. This is a practice that works with the soul of the receiver, and allows the body to find ease, wellness, full expression, peace, creativity and appreciation for itself and all things around it.

90 mins - $1,200

  • 3 session package - $3,000