How is an AstroStory reading different from a normal natal (birth chart) reading? Most birth chart readings focus on individual planetary energies or aspects. Where these readings differ is that Justin goes through all of these and then looks at the overall picture. You may have some challenging aspects in some part of your chart to compensate over-expressive energy in another part of your chart. You may have an overly active desire for freedom in one part of your chart, so much so you would like to live on a mountain on your own away from civilisation. In another part of your chart you may have deep desire for personal relationships and connection with people - learn how these two very opposing energies can balance each other out with their polar extremes. It's about taking all the different parts together and seeing what the over-branching story is. Justin sees each planet as an actor/actress, each sign as a costume and each house as a stage. He takes this into consideration when weaving all this information together in a fine tapestry of your personal AstroStory. The purpose of an AstroStory can be to understand our fundamental personality, events, habits, decisions and why we are the way we are and how to use this knowledge to your advantage for a full and happy life.

90mins - $2,500

Usually available as video call appointments only, however Justin will be visiting Hong Kong in September and will be taking in-person appointments.

Practitioner: JUSTIN ANDRIES